A Choice

Oh my! The places we can and should find joy. In the little moments throughout our days where we see God’s hand at work – that’s where we can find true joy. Just look for it today. You may be surprised where it pops up.

I originally posted this on Instagram in 2018 during a trip with a few very close friends. As I type this, I am sitting next to the stack of water bottles and snacks prepared for this year’s trip. Until that March trip more than a year ago, I had never been on a ‘girls’ trip. I have always found joy in trips with my family. Every year brings us closer to an empty nest at home. One child working full-time and about to leave her teens; the other winding down the end of junior year anticipating the last summer of travel baseball. As the ground of motherhood continues to shift beneath my feet, my heart finds other little moments of joy. A walk with my husband, getting nails done with my mom, chats about the latest book read with dad are just a few. This upcoming trip is a gift of joy that I will cherish for this season and eagerly watch for other moments knowing that they are not always served up neatly with a bright logo so clearly identified. We must choose to find joy. Often the circumstances are not perfect. The photo opp is cluttered, the timing is off or the weather is cloudy. Our circumstances rarely present themselves with an Instagram filter. Joy exists in our hearts where we see life and situations with thankfulness.

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