An Attitude Fluff

More often than I would like to admit, I have to put an article of clothing into the dryer for a fluff. Typically it is to fluff the wrinkles out. I really do not like to iron. We have a handheld steamer but most items will straighten out with a 6 – 8 minute tumble. Our entire family has adopted this trick. Probably because mom doesn’t iron. Oh well, I am a problem solver and this technique has solved morning wardrobe changes and deadlines more times than I can count.

Recently it struck me that our attitudes sometimes have wrinkles. Life may not be going according to our plan. People may have hurt our feelings or let us down. The team is not making numbers or their enthusiasm and performance has been less than ideal. Or it may be my attitude about the job or people I work with every day. Or the pile of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter. If only I could stick my attitude in the dryer for a fluff.

As a problem solver, I set out for a solution to this wrinkled attitude issue. You see, the dryer warms the fabric up and then flips and tosses the item around loosening the set-in creases. God will do this for us. Often, He will do this without us seeking it or even realizing it. He will send verses and messages that heat up our uncomfortable situations. He may toss our worlds a tad with new roles at work or even layoffs. The heat may rise as relationships become unsettling. These are ways that He may attempt to get our attention.

More often than not, we resist His influence when we should just tumble with it and see what shakes out.

Several years ago I had a long commute in heavy traffic to the office. This introduced lots of attitude challenges before my day at work even officially began. Then, the entire trajectory of my day was impacted. I evaluated the time that I spent in the car and found that if I could change the influences on my attitude during the drive, I could impact the effect it had on the rest of my day. I fluffed my attitude by simply taking a new route to work and changing the radio station. This simple physical change resulted in a much larger mental change. Listening to positive conversations and the praise music I enjoy so much on HIS radio while enjoying new scenery on the way to work was the attitude fluff I needed.

This is just one of many fluffs my attitude can use. Different fluffs work for different situations. But recognizing the need to shift your attitude and seeking a quick solution is the first step.

Where can you use an attitude fluff? How can you let God heat up your spirit and roll with His plan?

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