Would You?

Recently, as I pulled into the parking lot for a baseball game, I heard the song by Jeremy Camp, “This Man”. The following words filled my vehicle and chills covered my arms. 

Would you take the nails from his hands 

Would you take the place of this man

Would you take the nails from his hands

Would you take the place of this man  

The question of my commitment invaded my thoughts. Would I?

He took on the cross for you and me. Willing accepted the nails in each hand and his feet. All out of love.

Given the chance, would I have taken His place? Would I risk death, the pain, or even the mockery? Is my love for my Father in Heaven that great?

Every day we are given opportunities to step out in faith. To be an expression of God’s love for the world as originally displayed on a cross. It is not always a big proclamation. Sometimes it’s a brief moment or a small sacrifice. To be bold enough to bow our heads at lunch in public. Other times we could simply roll down a window and share His word and a handful of coins. A kind comment or smile, even if that response is not warranted. Each, a chance to take a stand for ‘this man’.

Yet, if we are not willing to step out in the little moments and take these small chances, would we really be bold enough to take the nails? Truly sacrifice in a big manner, for ‘this man’?

Jesus ended the last moments on the cross in peace as He completed that portion of His task. I believe that peace came from His trust in God to finish the story.

God is not finished with our stories. But the next part may mean taking on the nails for Him. Are we willing to trust ‘this man’?

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