Worth the Thorns

While visiting a dear friend recently, I noticed this beautiful rose in a small pot. Her husband told that he had given it to her for Mother’s Day. He joked as he shared that he encouraged her to think of him every time she saw it and that her reply had been, ‘you mean when I see the thorns?’. We laughed at the recap of the moment and I snapped a quick photo of the tiny but perfect little blooms.

Later, however, the scene played in my memory with such a different realization. Her little comment said in fun, couldn’t have been more true.

The beauty of our relationships Have the potential to bloom like these precious flowers. Yet, the work to reach this point and the thorns beneath the beauty is often taken for granted.

In a marriage, friendship or other situations we must learn to handle with care. If you just reach in and grab the stems you may find a thorn. A more delicate or intentional approach can avoid the thorns or at least lessen the pointed impact.

Equally, the balance of sunlight and water is specific to each plant. They cannot all be treated the same. Relationships need attention and each one is unique based on the season and personalities involved.

Just like this beautiful rose, with loving care and attention, our relationships can bloom. That is, should we choose to care enough to nurture them.

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