Pretty Weeds

Can you tell the flowers from the weeds? Occasionally I can but other times it can be difficult.

There are so many weeds in this world and unless you study them for a living, I’m not sure anyone recognizes them all. So many things in our lives are like this.

They look like they fit. They are pretty and grow alongside the actual flowers, seemingly doing no wrong. Except, a weed will take over and destroy what’s around it. It may not overcome the flower at first glance. It could be absorbing all the water under the surface. Or maybe it is quietly steeling the nutrients the flower typically gets from the soil.

At times, the weed may grow larger and shade the flower from the needed sunshine or even wrap around the flower overcoming it.

Sin does this. It sneaks in like it belongs. Quietly, appearing as if it is not harming anything. Even appearing as pretty as the flower. But underneath, it is attacking us even when we may not realize it. Taking over our sources of life, slowly cutting us off from friends and family or deceiving us.

We know that the world is full of sin, but Satan has so many tactics, it’s like the weeds – how can we know them all at first sight?

We can’t.

But by studying God’s word, finding and learning from mentors God may have placed our lives, we can identify the weeds and remove them.

Once a weed is removed the area may look empty and bare. The openness is vulnerable but at the same time it is available. God can work to fill in the bare and vulnerable areas with the beautiful blooms He has planned.

Are we willing to weed out the bad?


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