The 3 That Created and Complete Me

My Instagram name is sherrymitchell3. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that there are several Sherry Mitchell’s in this world. -Yes, I realize that this could be a disturbing thought as my husband has previously pointed out.

Once, while attending a doctors visit, a nurse began reading the chart and then looked at me with a confused grin. It seemed that my chart indicated that I would have been 62 at the time of the appointment. However, back then I was in my mid-thirties. So, when our daughter helped my set up my Instagram account in the beginning my name was already taken; twice. This meant that we needed more to indicate that it was me.

I guess I could have been more creative in choosing my name given my claim to being a creative person, working in the marketing industry and all. Yet, my beginnings in the world of Instagram were simply to keep an eye out for my children along with an attempt to stay abreast of the rapidly changing social media world for my professional understanding. I had no idea that God had a bigger plan.

Luckily for me, my favorite number was available. Three. So we easily attached the 3 to the end of my name and my Instagram name was created.

Now this is my Insta-ID; the way people know who I am in this world of photos, vlogs and influencers. I am sherrymitchell3. I did not set out with this name and my Instagram account to be a blogger or influencer. In fact, I am pretty sure it will be a long time, if ever, I reach that status. But if/when I do, I wonder if people will assume that the 3 is only because there were 2 other Sherry Mitchell’s that beat me to the social game or if anyone will know or care that the 3 means something more. It is a glimpse into what occupies my heart.

3 is more than a number attached to the end of my name allowing me an identity in Instagram World. I mentioned it is my favorite number. But why? I was not an athlete so this is not the number on the back of a high school or college jersey’s.

3 is how I live and love – by the trinity that this number represents for me. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

By the grace of these 3, I am. I was created, redeemed, saved and follow because of the 3.

Not only does the numerical three signify the trinity for me, it is also the number that represents the additional members of my family. My husband Mike, daughter Kate and son Jackson. These 3 hold my heart.

So this number attached to the end of my name is the element that makes me the Sherry Mitchell I am in Instagram World. But the 3 that form my family and the 3 that allow my existence, are the ones that make me unique and complete.

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