How Sweet the Sound, Even if it Takes a Second Time

I don’t mind admitting that although I am typically a quick learner, sometimes God must send me multiple messages to get my attention or make His point clear in a way that I get it.

Last fall I listened to a book called Present over Perfect. Shauna Niequist spoke directly into my life as I was trying to make some important decisions regarding my job. At the time, I was climbing the ladder so to speak, gaining favor with the global team and making my mark. Every review was resulting in gold stars, raises and more responsibility. That is where the issues began. The better I did at my job the more responsibility and the longer the hours. Along with this came more travel and conference calls at all hours of the day and night. Oh, and if you don’t know me well yet, I also have Lupus. Adding these things meant that I was running myself down and leaving very little for my family and my God.

Shauna’s book was a message that I needed to hear at the right time. I took a new job and reduced my load and travel. I have even been working from home since January. The results have been fabulous; allowing me to be able to cook more dinners, walk daily and make baseball games while keeping the laundry under control. I have even been able to start this blog due to the shift in commute time and daily job pressures. Yet, the more time I have to relax, the more I seem to worry. It is as if I filled the space in my To-Do List with over analyzing, questioning and just plain stress. Here God has blessed me with the time to rejuvenate and I have spent it doing the exact opposite.

So He sent the same book, Present Over Perfect, to me again. This time in the form of a small bible study on Facebook. Now I am learning the rest of the story. I am hearing the part addressing what to do once I have said no to somethings and yes to others. We are only a couple of weeks in, but His spirit is whispering and I am finally hearing. Ah, how sweet the sound.

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