Does the shoe fit?

How many pairs of shoes do you have? As for me, well, lots. That’s my official count. Probably because using an actual number would point out all too clearly that I own way too many.

I love shoes.

For me shoes are an expression of my personality and style. Some are for walking, some for presentations – when I need to be confident and as tall as I can muster. These are the trending but comfy ones as I track through airports. The various roles I play in life each require a different pair (or maybe I’ve justified more shoes this way)!

One thing I know for sure is how difficult it is to wear someone else’s shoes. Although Kate, our daughter, and I wear the same size clothes and shoes, it is still difficult to slip comfortably into the shoes multitude lining her closet upstairs. There are a few styles that she and I both find appropriate and enjoy but she has her own style and her own roles in life so every pair is not interchangeable. Some, as cute as they may be just don’t work for me.

The same is true for the roles in life for which we have been designed. Some of us may have been created to be busy-bees and working moms, others created for a stay-at-home role with multiple children. Still others may be perfectly crafted as a mentor or aunt, best friend of CEO. And with the changes throughout our lives, these roles may shift or change.

Yet, our creator has crafted us and the shoes we should wear in perfect harmony. We need only to seek His direction rather than randomly trying on shoes/roles.

I love analogies. And shoes. And trying new roles. But the best result is those designated a perfect fit for my foot and life. Don’t settle for less than the perfect fit that God has designed for you. Keep trying until the shoe fits, then walk in His light with gladness!

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