Notice the Moments

This week our son, Jackson, played his last high school summer league baseball game. As a rising senior, there will be baseball in the spring. However, this was the first of ‘the lasts.’ The first day of school, football games, proms, etc. We will be facing many ‘lasts’ the next 12 months.

This is not the first of this type of season for us. Our daughter, Kate, graduated in 2017. Even before that senior year we have experienced the realization of a season coming to an end. A concluding dance recital, the end of preschool, final basketball league games. Yet, there are times when we do not realize it is the ‘last’.

There was a time that I sang my children to sleep. Kate needed me to do her hair before school despite how late we were running and Jackson wanted piggyback rides upstairs no matter how tired we were. Well, she no longer requires my assistance with styling and neither Mike nor I could carry him upstairs even if necessary. These are the ‘lasts’ we missed.

Whether you are in a season of firsts or lasts, one that is particularly difficult, or a time of joy; be present. Notice the flowers, the sunsets and the moments that you may not be blessed to enjoy again. They happen in all seasons, good and bad.

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