Daughter of the King

Who am I? Today, I am a blogger for Christ. I am posting my ‘about me’ content from the blog as a post. Beginning Monday, I plan to post a selfy each Monday until August 26, 2019 with a caption beginning with ‘I am’ and finishing with who I will be proclaiming to be in the eyes of Jesus that week. As the first day of traditional school approaches, this is to remind us all that our identifty is found in Christ. (You can follow me on instagram with the name sherrymitchell3)

I am…

I once did a year-long devotion project seeking the answer to this question. Weekly, sometimes monthly, I searched through my Bible looking for words that completed the phrase ‘I am.’

This search was sparked by hearing the introduction of a speaker that I know and respect. She gave a list of all of the titles she held to be read as she entered the room. What titles define me?

For me I am:

  • wife – married to Mike for more than 20 years
  • mother – to Kate and Jackson
  • daughter
  • sister
  • friend
  • artist
  • marketer
  • walker (former runner)

Yet, to hold these titles and to be the best of each of these I could be, I had to discover who I am in Christ. Who did He truly create me to be?

At first I was reminded through His word that I am… loved, redeemed, saved, cherished, and so much more. Then I found the treasure of a spiritual gift given to me to be an encourager. He designed me to be a part of His plan. I am a daughter of the King and I have been created to fulfill a purpose. And so, here we go…

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