Enjoy the Bubble Chase

696 miles. This is the distance from my home in Garner, NC and my sister’s home in Okeechobee, FL. Over the years I have had opportunities to visit and they are diligent to make the trip twice a year. But in between the traveled miles we have had to work at staying connected. One would think that modern technology would make this easier. We are not tied to a wall by a coiled cord like our childhood phones would have required. We carry in our hands a device that makes it possible to text, talk and even see a loved one with a few taps. Yet, despite the ease of tool like our smart phones, the relationships still take intentionality. So, as sisters sometimes do, we made a pact to stay involved in each other’s lives. We text photos of activities the kids are doing, updates of sporting events or school projects and successes. We use Marco Polo for longer videos that need more explanation and allow us to see each others faces. Quick prayer requests and health updates in word form provides details that could be difficult to remember. All in an effort to remain involved in each others lives.

This photo of a day of chasing bubbles has been a recent favorite of mine. Not only can I see the fun enjoyed that afternoon, I’m reminded to enjoy the floating moments. If we are too busy to take a break and enjoy the bubble chase when it starts they can drift too quickly and the fun floats away. But with just a few minutes of intentionally we can experience the joy and laughter, see the colors reflected and absorb the minutes of peace. Can’t you hear the laughter and see the floating bubbles? Her family took the time to enjoy the bubble chase and she took the time to capture it so I can experience it too! Are you taking the opportunity to stay connected to family or friends and enjoy the bubble chase?

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