Cropping Life

While visiting Cleveland for work this week I tried a local coffee shop. I do this as often as I can. It’s fun to seek out local places and support small business while really experiencing the city culture. The Pour Cleveland coffee shop did not disappoint. The coffee was fabulous. Their gluten free selection was yummy and the decor was clean and on point. I took a seat at the small side bar atop a white stool and quickly decided to snap a picture. (Of course) Arranging the mug so the shop name could be clearly read, I smiled to myself; pleased that my pumpkin cookie selection went perfectly with the color scheme. After getting the shot I began to enjoy my sweet treat and warm beverage. Glancing around I noticed the things that were close by but cropped out of my picture. A sign leaned against the wall that is meant for street advertising, my tossed jacket and book bag, and the black bin of used coffee cups. It was this bin that truly caught my attention. Had I not cropped it out of my photo it would have not conveyed the clean and crisp look of the shop not met the Instagram/Facebook photo standards. However, the bin piled high of empty and dirty mugs actually supports the claim of how good this place is. It is the result of so many that have stopped by and supported the local shop. Several souls that enjoyed a relaxing conversation with friends or a shot of espresso to get going on their day. The dirty dishes filling the bin is my new goal. We shouldn’t crop out the reality of our hard work. At our house dirty laundry is the proof of relentless effort on a ball field, the earning of chair-side hours, efforts to stay healthy and to be good stewards. A sink of dishes represents the joy of fellowship, the ability to provide food for growing families and Gods provision through it all. Let’s not crop out the reality of life but be thankful for it and celebrate what it stands for!

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