Positive Pruning

The vibrant green leaves and beautiful red bloom on this plant make me smile. I have had this for years and it is such an accomplishment that it is still living and thriving. Recently this one leaf turned yellow. Now, I don’t know much about plants. But I do know that it is not supposed to have any yellow leaves.

The first notice of the discolored leaf brought an immediate feeling of dismay. “I have failed the little plant,” I thought. “It is dying.” Not having a green thumb means I have no insight as to why this has happened. However, I do realize my quick conclusion that the plant has no chance is misguided.

How often do we jump to conclusions about people in this same manner? We assume that because of a single mistake; there is no hope. Our eyes identify the area that is not perfect and assume the rest is damaged as well. But this is not how our Heavenly Father sees us. He sees the pruning that needs to be done and the areas that need attention. His eyes are drawn to the beauty and the potential. His loving hands tend to our lives when we allow Him access.

A quick google search directs me to cut of a dead or dying leave so the plant doesn’t waste energy on it and redirects to the healthy areas. God does this in our lives as well. He identifies habits, people or situations that drain our energy away from that which is good. Is He whispering to you; identifying an area that needs pruning?

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