Be Proud of Your Stripes

This picture was taken to send to my daughter. I believe itwas to ask her a hair question. She replied with a comment about the outfitsaying she loved it. This was the beginning of a day of comments – specificallyregarding my pants. Stripes. Very BOLD stripes. Yes, they are very bold. Yes,you can pull them off as well. Thank you for complimenting my bravery.

I love clothes, shoes and jewelry. I do have a unique style;mixing and matching items and patterns, trying new trends with an edgy butclassy base. However, I never really thought it took courage to wear boldstripes, or even short hair. Courage, in my opinion, is being bold enough toexpress who I am.

Often the expression of my personality is in my style. Othertimes it is the activities I enjoy – theater, art shows, a lively marching bandhalftime show. Even more, expressions of who I am is revealed through myopinions. As a daughter of the king, the perspective from which I view life andsituations can be interpreted as bold and different. It takes courage tobelieve and even more so to share faith.

I am a Christian and I have a personal relationship withChrist. He has designed me to be unique and equipped me with spiritual giftsand talents that are meant to be shared with the world to glorify Him. Each ofus were crafted by His hands for a purpose. Your gifts and talents werecarefully placed by His hands as a piece of you and your story. You have a rolein His plan. 

1 Peter 4:10 As each has received a gift, use it to serveone another, as good steward of God’s varied grace.

Spending time in His word and listening to His whispers willreveal your stripes. The question is – are your proud of them? Do you have thecourage to show them to the world? Are we willing to use these stripes tospread His word and glorify Him?





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