Trees, lights, bows, and gifts. Lists upon lists. Checking things off. Baking cookies, decorating ginger bread homes and hanging stockings. Just thinking about the amount of preparation we put in for Christmas exhausts me. But the decor that comes together, the beautifully wrapped gifts and smells of yummy meals and treats make it worth the preparation.

I can’t even begin to count the hours that go into preparing for Christmas. It’s exciting and each tradition holds a special place in my heart.

It occurs to me that we put so much effort in the physical preparations of Christmas but do we spend time preparing our hearts?

God made many preparations for the perfect birth of Jesus. A divine pregnancy, coordination of a census, making sure the inn was full and the manger was near by and angles and a star as invitations to the birth. Each purposeful in fulfilling His plan.

I wonder, in all of our preparations, how often our minds and hearts consider the birth of Jesus? Do we get caught up in the color of the tree topper or the qty of gifts and miss the true spirit of Christmas?

There are 10 days left. Let’s spend these days preparing our hearts to truly celebrate the birth of our savior. With each item left on our to-do list, I pray that we find a way to also worship our God and find ways to glorify him.

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