Sharing the Gift of Jesus

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

The gift that matters this year? The one we should be standing in line for; wrapping up for every loved one on our list? The gift of love, peace, compassion, contentment, never being alone, fulfillment; the gift of salvation.

The Reason for the Season is not just a cute rhyme for a t-shirt. As Christians, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our nation recognizes this day. Although a man in a red suit somehow gets the limelight, those of us who believe in the life, death and resurrection celebrate the immaculate birth of our savior. What an opportunity to share with anyone and everyone we cross paths!

Your to-do list is long and the time between now and the day of present opening is short. With urgency we set out to accomplish the tasks from purchases to wrapping, cooking and more. We are aware of the date designated for this event. What we are not clear on is the date designated for his return. We don’t have a timeline for the finite celebration. Do we have a list of those we want to be in heaven with us? Are we preparing and pursing lost souls with the same urgency as the hottest toy of 2019?

It’s my prayer that each gift is shared with the love of Christ this Christmas season. That we, as Christians, are proud of that designation and openly take advantage of the season to demonstrate the love that was born as a baby on that night.

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