Perfectly Imperfect

This was the theme of a weekend women’s retreat I was blessed to attend. Prior to arriving at the lake house, I had several weekend expectations.

1.) Enjoy some time with a dear friend who was a retreat planning committee member
2.) Relax a bit as the weekend was two weeks after our daughters’ wedding
3.) Learn a few things to apply as I prayerfully consider some women’s ministry opportunities
4.) Hear God and maybe pick up some great photos and ideas for my blog

I can say with great confidence that I was able to check each of these items off my list. However, with equal confidence I share how wrong I was in the order of my expectations.

1.) God spoke. He spoke quietly but clearly. I heard Him emphasize my feelings of inadequacy and fears. I did not receive a message confirming my qualifications. He didn’t highlight my Bible knowledge or creative problem solving. Quite the opposite. All of my imperfect characteristics were brought up front and boldly written on a mirror in sharpie.

2.) I learned so many things about myself and God’s intentional design of each of us with perfect flaws. Yes, each flaw we have is placed perfectly for Jesus or others to compensate for. Our job is to say yes to His call and follow whether we feel worthy or qualified or not.

3.) Relaxation did not come in the comfy clothes we were able to pack and wear or the weekend agenda with a much less chaotic schedule. It came in the understanding that He doesn’t expect perfection in my doing. He expects perfection in my seeking Him. The pressure to be perfect or write perfectly; to deliver powerful blogs weekly and generate thousands of followers. This is not the expectation. Sharing His whispers when prompted with honesty, encouragement and compassion – that is my role.

4.) I did enjoy some precious quality time. However, not only with my sweet friend that had extended the invitation. I spent quality time with new sisters in Christ. Sharing stories, laughs and recipes – accepting each other as we arrived – perfectly imperfect.

Although I feel lead to share Gods whispers through the Feathered Pearl blog (feathered I am not perfect and never want to imply that I have all the answers. What I have is a personal relationship with the one that does have all the answers. And, I have a deep desire to tell everyone about Him and how He has made us all perfectly imperfect.

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