2020 has certainly been a reset for us in so many ways. Our daughters wedding was mid-January. Then we decided to sell the house and it sold in THREE DAYS! So, we relocated into an apartment. At the same time, the newlyweds purchased a home and we assisted in their move as well. While these physical moves were taking place, the spread of the corona virus was moving across the nation. Within the nick of time, or Gods timing – depending on your perspective – we closed on our house and fully settled into our new home/apartment. Then I sat at the bar and roamed the cozy new space, scanning my devotion books and pondering the books of the Bible for the answer to ‘now what, God?’

Everyone is struggling with uncertainty. Our son’s senior year and last high school baseball season may be over. Jobs have halted in so many industries and the future is unclear. The cliche phrases seem to be trite and the reality is the answer to ‘why’ is not something any Christian can confidently answer.

What we do have is a chance to REset. It will certainly look different for each us. Some may take charge of the chaos through REorganizing closets and junk drawers. Others will REcharge relationships – finding commonality in favorite movies and games with children or spouses. REgrouping on the friends in our circle and determining if it should be bigger or smaller. However, I am sure we could all benefit from a REnewed relationship with God as we have an opportunity to ‘find time’ for devotions.

Although I didn’t pick it up during my pacing, I found a devotion book I have done more than once; Discerning the Voice of God by Pricilla Shirer. Thinking that I didn’t need to do that a third time, I moved on and continued to pray about what God’s next thing for me would be. This morning, He clearly led me back to this study as our Pastor, Sam Frye of the Revolution Church, announced the churches next devotional focus – Discerning the Voice of God. So, clearly, God is calling me to REfocus on hearing Him.

I will begin both the churches devotional and the one I have enjoyed before. During this time, I plan to share His whispers with you. Let’s take advantage of this moment to REconnect with our families, friends and God during these next few weeks and hear His voice – And truly listen for the REset He has for us.

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