A PERFECT BIRTHDAY: The One Where She Turns 45 During a Quarantine

I must admit, early in the week I was a bit depressed about this birthday. The world is in such a weird place. Social distancing means no nice dinner out or last-minute mall run for my family. My typical week of coffee, lunch and dinner dates with friends – not happening this year. And that number! Not sure why, but this one was getting to me.

The reality is that the day could not have been more perfect. Please indulge me as I list of few of the activities that made it so special:

A voicemail message from my sweet Dad with birthday wishes.

A handwritten note on my coffee cup from Jackson.

A colored picture and personal mani-pedi from Kate. She even did a craft project with me. It didn’t quite go as planned but was so much fun trying.

Dinner and a walk at the park with Jackson, Mike and Madi. (Mike did hold my hand)

Cookout milkshakes for dessert.

Gifts in the mail and special and practical treasures from the stores that are open.

And, know that a homemade strawberry cake will be waiting at mom’s for Sunday lunch.

Not to mention the countless FB, Instagram and text messages that truly filled my day with smiles.

I certainly do not want to minimize the suffering going on throughout the world in job loss, sickness and deaths due to this virus. However, I am known for my positive outlook on life. This is not just a rose-colored glasses point of view. It comes from my faith. The trust I have that God is in control. The belief that He is doing good among the tragic. And, the hope that we all take the time to see the perfectness that is within the quarantine. Look for the blessings. Expect them because God is still good.

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