My recent prayers have been for those that have lost their jobs, the many facing illnesses, corona and others, the seniors missing the significance of their last year of high school or college, the economy and government. Like everyone else, I have wondered how long this will last. 

However, my heart is now heavy with the fact that it won’t last. We will return to ‘normal’. The world will be accessible to us again. Places to eat, entertainment facilities and group activities will convene. Our world will begin to normalize and that is now what concerns me.

During this ‘stay at home’ mandate we have had so many dinners and Sunday lunches as a family. No one missing because of other plans or rushing out to meet or fit in additional obligations. People are supporting each other in such creative ways. Unique birthday celebrations, meetings of friends to talk and catch up from the back of vehicles. The realization of what we truly need vs wants. 

My prayers will continue to be for those in need, drastically affected by this virus. Yet, I now have a new prayer. As we approach Easter, I pray that we all will be transformed during this time. The world and our fate changed in a matter of 3 days. From the blackness and death of our Savior on a Friday afternoon to the empty tomb of hope on a Sunday morning. Some will deny, others may not believe and yet some will run and tell. Which will you be? 

John 16:33, after sharing with the disciples his fate, Jesus says “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world!”

He has won, the tomb is empty. But have we joined the winning team? Are we willing to cheer for him in all places and every day other than Sunday in a church where it is safe? In what ways are we not willing to go back to normal?

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