The Missing Piece

I love to do puzzles. My family use to keep one going between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. We also did several that we just loved like one of carousel horses and a hot a hot air balloon one, both we framed and hung in our home. So, it was only natural for me to find one for a quarantine activity.

As I worked through the puzzle I felt the message for a blog post coming together. So often a piece would look like the right shape but the color was a bit off. Or the color was right and it even fit perfectly on one side but not the other. Once, a piece seemed to be correctly placed even though it was forced in a tad. Only to find out later that it wasn’t really in the right place.

I thought about how often we are always searching for our places in the world. Jobs, friends, churches; we try ones that look like the right color or the same shape and we may even fit ‘good enough’ for a while. But in the long run, if that was not where God wanted us to be, it will become clear.

This, within itself, was a pretty clear and strong message. But when I got to then end of this puzzle project the dreaded scenario happened: a piece is missing. This certainly burst my happy bubble. I didn’t get to throw my hands in the air in victory. I was left wondering where the last piece is. Sometimes there is a piece missing. We work so hard to build the perfect scene. Connecting each piece with care. But if we forget God as the center piece we will be deflated and forever incomplete. Start with Him and build with anticipating the puzzle He’s designed for your life. It’s gonna be beautiful!

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