Let Your Light Shine

Lightening bugs. Such fun, childhood memories of chasing these little wonders through the fields in the summer nights. They were difficult to catch. Not because they were fast. The challenge was their on and off status. Their blinking would catch your eye. Then they quickly went dark only to show up again in another space in the night sky.

Last night this little guy grabbed my attention with one simple flash. It was still early enough for me to see him among the little green leaves so I scooped him up. Patiently I waited for him to light up the inside of my cupped hands. Nothing. Why had the little guy become visually silent? Maybe my hands were too warm or he might be a bit too old or slow. It was possible I had frightened him so he is was laying low.

I am certainly not an entomologist so I don’t have an answer. But this brief encounter got me to thinking about our lights for Jesus. Often we can shine bright and consistent in the dark world we occupy till He calls us home. Yet, so many excuses can cause us to blink or even go dark for all too long.

I’m pretty sure God would prove any of our reasons myths. We are never too old or slow to be a witness for Christ. The heat from our situations shouldn’t dim our glow when we have His strength as a resource. Fear is a factor managed through faith and refuge in His arms.

What excuses might we have for not letting our lights shine bright? I bet that book called the Bible will prove them all untrue.

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