Still Trusting

Whenever I think about setting out to teach, write or share wisdom about Jesus and the whispers I feel led to share, I sense an immediate moment of fear. In that second I am uncertain that I am worthy. In fact, I am not worthy. I am, however, chosen. He has chosen me for a specific task. Many tasks. My role is to step over the fear and into the moment; whatever the moment should be.

I could easily list my multitude of past failures. The times I did not follow through or made a bad choice. I could remind God of the situations where I gave in to fear or bitterness, sometimes pride or insecurity or even doubt. God knows. He was there. But He has forgiven and moved on. 

Christs’ view of us is not cluttered with the list of mistakes or missed moments. We are seen through eyes of love. We have seen what filters can do, just imagine how beautiful we are through the filter of God’s love.

June marks one year since I officially started the Feathered Pearl blog. I had no idea what God had planned but felt compelled to share His whispers in a more documented way. Although part of my mission is to offer encouraging words to others, the blessings and encouragement I have received has been inspiring.

The next year of the Feathered Pearl may be more of the same or may morph. I am trusting God to show me how to use this platform to glorify Him. I am anticipating more messages as well as increased artwork available in various forms. Stay tuned to see what direction He leads. 

If you have enjoyed the posts and do not want to miss one, please join through the actual blog page. You will get an email with each post. (no other solicitations) The posts are not daily or weekly, but as often as God leads. Likewise, please share the link with others so that may also enjoy the messages and you can help me increase followers. Thank you all!

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