From Empty to Full

A long weekend at the beach. I set out to seek God’s direction, so much swirling in my head. From COVID, getting our son ready to move in at college, to an empty nest waiting on the other side of the upcoming week.

Early the first morning I walked down with a cup of coffee, sipping and watching the sun break through the clouds. As the waves crashed and slipped in and out I remembered beach trips as a child. I’ve walked countless steps along the coast picking up seashells. As I finished the last sip in my cup I felt the urge to search the waters edge again, looking for something special.

Full size shells, broken pieces, and unique shapes I’ve never found before slowly filled my empty cup. With each find I felt a since of peace. I saw broken pieces that appeared so beautiful in their new state. Pieces that have survived their journey and washed ashore broke and tattered but still something new and fabulous. Some shells were still whole despite the rough ride they endured to get here so early this morning. A few of the unique pieces clearly look like an art project to my creative eye but all of them special in their own way.

Just like these shells that filled my souls and my cup, we have all survived a journey of life thus far. You may have reached this point without being scarred or you may have visible damage. No matter the state or the path, God loves us all and we all have a purpose beyond the journey that we’ve taken this far. Give God a chance to fill your cup with peace, encouragement and ideas for what’s next because He has a purpose for each of us if we are willing to take a walk with Him and listen.

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