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I decided to step up to a writing challenge, even though I am already a day behind! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Each day this week (and 2 today so I can catch up) I will post my thoughts associated with a topic provided by Hope Writers. Yesterday’s was collaborate. So my mind immediately went to “collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new…” How many of you can finish this lyric? Although I am not sure this is the definition the Hope Writers team had in mind when they developed the list for this challenge, it actually reminded me of a few of my closest friends and the type of relationships we have.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. And, a new buzz word is tribe. We all want to be a part of a tribe. A member of a village. Relationships that truly work provide support and space, laughter and love, truth and silence. True collaboration exists when each member of the tribe plays the role that’s needed no matter their comfort level or convenience. These friends can complete the lyrics and your prayers even when you cannot. But collaboration is a two-or-more way relationship, not a oneway street. It takes all involved to be involved. Everyone will get a turn at the giving and the receiving. All will be rewarded.

We all seek friends to collaborate with and they can be hard to find. They can even change as the seasons of life turn. But, set out to be that friend and God will put you to work. Then the blessings of a collaborative relationship will fill your heart with joy and completed song lyrics! 🥰🎶❣️


My husband saw a stick, yarn, and discarded shells. I saw art.

The world sees fear, broken hearts, discouragement and loss. God sees treasure.

He has carefully crafted each of us, perfectly, for a purpose.

Rather than listing your flaws, take time to see yourself as God sees you. His creation for good. We are a walking witness of God’s gifts and grace. The world is in need of both.





Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


Taking the next step. Moving forward despite the darkness. Standing tall no matter the pain. Opening the door with no clue what’s inside. Saying ‘yes’ to God’s promptings despite the fear of being unworthy. Trusting Him to direct, provide, fix or carry us through when that’s the only way to take the next step.


I love coffee. Always hot, anytime of the day. It calms me to sit with a warm and cute mug wrapped in my hands. The heat tends to sooth my swollen joints in the morning and a deep breath of the aroma gets me going along withy the caffeine. But more than the treat to my senses, a cop of coffee is a representation of moments. Sometimes brief and preferably lingering moments to connect. During those early hours of the sun rising or later mornings during COVID now that there isn’t a commute to contend with, I enjoy my coffee while

Connecting with my God. Other times the opportunity is with friends or family; catching up over a specially crafted cup at the local coffee shop. And, sometimes to connect with myself as a reminder to breathe and focus before or after tradeshow during trips for work. No matter the location, these cups of coffee hold so much more than a beverage. They are filled with love and conversation, thoughts and dreams, prayers and thanksgiving. They are full of connections. Let’s have a cup and connect. ☕️❣️

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