Seeking and Identifying JOY in 2021

Over the years I have had many reasons to be proud of our children. However, I have struggled with the thought that being proud can lead to prideful thoughts and actions. During a bible study in early 2020 a wise lady shared with me the act of finding joy in the achievements of our children. Independently of this entire situation around the word joy, another friend had chosen the word to be her 2020 focus. As I read each post she shared throughout the year, beginning with JOY, it was an inspiration to my soul.

As I, like everyone else, look back on 2020, there are both good and bad memories! Despite the devestation and loss of jobs, lives, faith in government, a few good things shine bright. Our daughter got married to a wonderful man. Our son graduated high school and went on to play baseball in college. We sold our home and set off to find the next place we plan to call home and helped Kate and Joe move into their own first home.

So, as we embark into 2021, I am confident that this year will also bring about good and bad times. However, I am even more confident in my God and that his plan will continue to be fulfilled. My focus will be on the things he is calling me to do; going forward with the answer of ‘yes’ even before I know the assignment details. And, I will pick up my friends focus word of 2020 and carry it through 2021 as I seek to find the J O Y in each day and moments to come this year!

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