“And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.”

1 John 4:21 ESV

In a world where we are encouraged to stay apart, where fear drives daily decisions, how are we showing love?

I used to believe that a smile could change someone’s day. A quick grin at a traffic light or drive through window, passing in the grocery store isle or across a restaurant could simply convey a ‘hello’, a ‘have a nice day’ or ‘thank you’.

Now our faces are covered and our feelings are hurt.

Lines are being drawn far beyond the left and right. They stretch across friendships and families, dividing us in more ways than a Little Caesar’s thin crust pizza.

If we can take the passion that drives our Facebook posts and redirect it into acceptance. Show love to each other the way God loves us – unconditionally.

Let me say that again. UNCONDITIONALLY. No strings. No ‘ifs’. No conditions. Just love.

He loves us. Despite our past, choices, wrongs or rights. He loves us. And, what are we doing? How are we showing love?

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