Permanent Wrinkles

A Featherd Pearl blog Post

I can remember it like it was yesterday. My grandmother, all of 4’9” and red strands still weaving through her every-Friday styled hair. She had exclaimed over breakfast that it was time for me to learn to iron. Being a strong-willed, preteen feminist, I initially thought about protesting. Claims of ‘just because I am a girl’ quickly filled my thoughts. However, this was one of the few times I didn’t blurt out my thoughts. Out of respect for my grandmother, I nodded and sayid ‘yes ma’am’ in agreement.

This morning, as I ironed a shirt for our son to wear to church I could still hear her directions in my head. Yet, today those words were mixed with whispers from Christ.

You see, Grandma said that the good thing with ironing is that if you mess up a little it can be fixed. But, if you mess up a lot the garment was ruined. So, paying close attention was the key. Well, for me, paying long term, close attention is a challenge. I am a ‘squirrel’ kind of girl. If you know, you know!

The point applied to ironing is that if you iron in a wrinkle, with pressure and heat it can be ironed out. Yet, if you leave the hot iron directly on the fabric for too long it will burn. The mark permanently in the fibers.

Today, I could see how this applies to life’s choices. If we are not paying attention we can iron in wrinkles to our lives. Mistakes, bad choices that can leave wrinkles in our character. By the grace of God, and with repenting hearts these can be removed.

But, if we let our guards down for too long – the devil can take hold of the iron and truly stain or ruin our garments. Thankfully, not necessarily our lives.

You see, Christ can remove those stains. We cannot. No amount of pressure or heat, hard work or good deeds will remove the sin. Only His grace.

Seek Him and His truths. And, if you are already a Christian, don’t loose focus and take your eyes off the iron!

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