A BIG step often follows a YES

It has been over 3 years since I picked up a book at the airport in anticipation of writing my life’s mantra. In all actuallity, I was trying to find focus in my life. Work was spinning out of control and I was far from having time to allow myself to take a time out and breathe.

During a business trip/event I stole moments to work through the book. At the end of the week the message from God was clear. I didn’t land on a mantra, yet He showed me an approach to making changes in my life. Clearly, His message was highlighting a path I was uneasy about. It was a direction to create a book.

I share in the introduction the full story describing how this little collection of pages came about. It should not surprise me or you that God worked through another book, multicolored post its and a very tired spirit to cultivate a message that He intended to share all along.

I want to invite you to stop. Stop trying to simply change yourself. Stop trying to drop bad habits or start new ones. I am here to invite you to ‘take aim’ at change in your life. Through prayer and recalling the commandments, characteristics and gifts outlined specifically for you, there is a path for change and growth already. There is a saying; “Don’t shoot first and then aim.” Friends, I believe this is how we approach areas in our lives we want to improve or sin we know we need to turn from. The guilt rises and we grab hold with fierce determination. But without a plan or strategy, our grip is not strong enough.

Whether between you and God, in a small group, online or a conference setting, it is my prayer that this little book provides some direction for the growth your heart seeks today and is a resource you return to whenever you are convicted to embark or another shift.

God desires for us to come to Him in all things. He is there for us as a refuge but also as a change maker. There is a very popular christian song called way maker. I do believe that God will make a way for us to follow His will. However, I fully believe that He will be a change maker in our lives if we truly open our hearts to Him.


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