Continuing On

As the new year is in full gear, I have committed to continuing the things I said yes to in recent years. In 2019, God gave me messages to share via this blog. In 2020, I finally pulled together the message of Take AIM and brought it to a physical book in 2021. Many years ago, I found a gift of art and design and have recently focused on developing this tallent and using it in all ways given the chance. So, in 2022, I am eager to continue on with these gifts and messages in however God sees fit! Yet, I must say that wearing so many hats (wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, marketing director, artist, Beautycounter consultant, writer…) I often feel as if I am having an identity crisis. Reminding myself who I am in Christ, I have decided to pull myself and my identity together in one location. So, as 2022 takes full hold, I will be migrating from to a new full site. Please take time to visit I will continue blog writing, sharing more about Take AIM and showcase my art. It is exciting and I am so thankful to have you to share it with.

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