Pearls of Prayers


Lord I ask you today to send down your hands of healing. Your word tells us that you have plans for good and not harm. We plead for that good to be displayed today through healing. Lord, we trust that your plan is perfect and that through those perfect plans the good may not come to us in the form of health but the form of home. Should your answer not be to heal but to call home, we seek your peace and comfort. Our prayers are for complete healing but more importantly that we glorify you through our response to the answer you send.

Jesus, we lift up our brother/sister in Christ to you today. We seek your hand on the doctors and proceedures for the best outcome. Lord, we find our trust in you and know your hand is guiding this situation. Although we do not know your overall plan, we know you will be glorified through this pain. Please ease the anxiety and cover with your protection and love.

Heavanly Father, this news is overwhelming. We are in shock and uncertain of your plan. Lord, we are facing fear but we still believe. We believe in your strength. We believe you will not foresake us. We believe there is a purpose. Lord, we seek your comfort and clarity on what we are to do next. We pray for healing and ask that you not leave our side during this situation. Our hearts desire to know you are close and we ask that you reveal yourself to us during this and carry us through.


Father, your words tells us to not be anxious but to bring everything to you in prayer. We lift up this situation with thanksgiving; knowing that it is by grace that we know you and have the freedom to come to you in prayer. We are asking you to calm fears and focus our eyes on you and not on the crashing waves.

Lord, I ask for your peace as a blanket to cover in this time of fear and uncertainty. Calm nerves and walk before while lighting the path. Provide courage that will stand stronger than the fear and render your child fearless as the strength of your love overcomes.

God, we want to trust you at this time and not be overcome with fear. We know you are with us and your command is for us to be strong and courageous. Romans tells us that when God is for us, no one is against us. We know you can overcome and we ask that you cast out the fear and fill us with peace.


Lord, we thank you for the unconditional love you have for us. When all feels lost we can find comfort and confidence in knowing that you will not leave us but will look favorably on us. You designed us in your image and we know you are love and therefore will always love us.

Like the birds of the air, Lord you provide for us. We bow in thanksgiving for meeting our needs and ask that you remind us of the blessings bestowed. Forgive us for not being thankful and allow us to take this moment to praise you for the gifts you have given.

You bore the cross for us, rose and overcame death; how can we thank you. Saviour, may our daily choices glorify you. With each opportunity, may we proclaim your victory and share with others the story of salvation. Thank you for the nails and the cross and the tumb. Lord, thank you for the sun and the rain. Please, help us to remember the sacrifice and to be willing to sacrifice for you even if only a tenth of that which saved us.