Why The Feathered Pearl

A ring of Confirmation

Pearls are said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.  Similarly, these are the same qualities that our Heavenly Father represents.  Moreover, these are the qualities He sees in us.  So many women across generations struggle to see value in themselves.  We zoom in on the things we think need repair.  Our hair is too thin, our body isn’t the right shape, our homes are not clean, we aren’t a good parent… the negative thoughts are endless.  Yet, we were created, individually, in His image.  Much like a grain of sand that transforms into a unique and flawless pearl, so are we carefully crafted by our Maker. He wants us to embrace the perfectly imperfect way we have been created.

With that same intention, each feather of a bird is precisely placed to create a beautiful creature so that it can soar through the skies. With even more care and precision God has created each of us. One by one, He chose our feathers; each to have a purpose. They may be a spiritual gift or a skill set. One is a quirky piece of your personality and one is a mole that is unique. Some feathers are scars or painful pieces of our past, while others are the love of a friend at the perfect time. But it is the placement of each and the collection of all that allows us to soar.

God values each of us and carefully cares for all of our feathers. He cares enough to place a specific feather in someone else’s life so that they can become a feather for us in desperate situations. Enough to allow a feather to be sacred in our life to make us strong enough to carry another while their scars are healing. 

Initially the juxtaposition of a pearl and the feathers of a bird did not comfortably fit together in my mind – though I felt drawn to this mixed metaphor. And then, in His perfect wisdom and perfectly placed – a dainty gold ring, displaying a tiny bird and simple pearl, on display at a craft show for me to find. There they sat, side by side, a visual representation of the whisper He had been speaking in my ear.

Through The Feathered Pearl I hope to share my quirky, artsy, nerdy, classic, honest feathers of life along with the pearls of insight that Christ shares with me.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer. In fact, I would never list it as a strength. I am traditionally gifted and professionally trained as an artist and have been in advertising or marketing for more than 20 years. Yet, God has given me multiple clues over the years (and out right demands recently) to pursue this adventure. So, despite my excuses of “not being a writer” it is my hope and prayer that God will use this blog to be a resource of hope and restoration for hurting, or bored or confused women that want to grow in faith, find a beautiful image or climb a corporate ladder with dignity. I hope to help brighten people’s homes or offices with beautiful quotes, photos and art. Through this blog, it is my prayer that you will see the beautiful world He created and feel His love while gaining the confidence to believe in the perfectly imperfect you He so carefully crafted.